Yes, it is designed to be compliant with all Federal Regulations in the USA and Canada. We have taken flash frequency, activation thresholds, flash duration, and photo-optics all into account to ensure it meets regulation requirements.

Unlike other systems, our device does not require tampering with your vehicle's brake lights. This means your vehicle remains road-legal with OEM brake lights and you do not void the warranty. So no need to worry about passing inspection.

*State laws can vary and we recommend checking with your local DMV.
We are working hard to bring this to Kickstarter by the end of Summer 2018! If you'd like to be the first to know when we launch, click the "Keep Me Updated" link on the bottom of the page.
We estimate the batteries will last up to 5 years! This is assuming 10 emergency braking events a month.
Yes, we will ship with batteries. We have carefully selected batteries that will withstand the harsh outdoor temperatures from -40F to 140F.
Emergency braking is defined as a deceleration force greater than .6g-force.

Examples include suddenly stopping for deer, pedestrians, and when approaching stand-still traffic.
Yes, we have selected high power and high quality LEDs that are highly visible and conform to regulations.
There is a battery level indicator button. We recommend testing it periodically just like a smoke alarm.
Yes, it is designed to withstand all weather conditions including rain, sleet, and snow.
Less than the cost of one oil change!

We are working with suppliers and manufacturers to reduce costs as much as possible while maintaining the highest quality. We will provide updates in the future but our goal is to make it very affordable.

We will offer an Early Bird discount when we launch. Stay tuned and click "Keep Me Updated" to receive exclusive discounts.